The Bremen Town Musicians (2009)

Opera for young people in 1 Act
3 men (T, B, Bs-Bar.) 2 women (S, Ms) piano

Commissioned and premiered by Opera Lyra (Ottawa) Dec. 11, 2009

  One year after presenting Burry's The Brothers Grimm, Opera Lyra commissioned a new work inspired by the original.  Burry had always loved the story of The Bremen Town Musicians and thought it an obvious piece to adapt.  Although the work can stand completely independently, it also serves as a sister (brother?!) opera to Grimm.  Characters from The Brothers Grimm make cameos in Bremen and it also includes musical references.  

  In many ways, though, The Bremen Town Musicians represents a more meaningful look at the story of it's characters.  It is a joyful romp, but also a subtle exploration of issues of self-worth and elder abuse.