Lindy and the Caterpillar (2002) Planting Seeds Productions.

V. Abrumavitch Producer

Grace (2003)  Film opera for soprano, tenor and string quartet (libretto by D. Burry)

Planting Seeds Productions, V. Abrumavitch, Producer (BRAVOfact)


Reflections  (1989); music for Edward Albee’s the Sandbox.
solo piano in 3 mvts.
I.  The Brightest Day
II.  Twilight Age

III.  The Deepest Night

Heroes Suite  (1989); music for William Shakespeare’s Macbeth

solo piano.

The Bartered Bride  (1990);

flute, piano, double bass.

The Changeling  (1993); incidental music with 4 songs
oboe, clarinet, bassoon, electric guitar, percussion and 


The Trickster of Seville  (1994); music for 5 songs

recorder, guitar, tambourine and voices.

Two Noble Kinsmen  (1997)
guitar, recorders, percussion and voices

* commissioned by Sheridan College, Oakville, ON

A Harvest Yet To Reap  (1997)
flexible instrumentation and voices
* commissioned by Erindale College, Missisauga, ON


The Resurrection  (1990); Oratorio

soloists, chorus, orchestra

 Alleluja, Christ Is Come  (1991); Christmas carol(text by C. Tucker)

solo voice and piano.

Harriet  (1994); 5 unaccompanied women voices (SSMsAA)


Fantasy for Orchestra  (1994)

Two Sketches for Orchestra (1995)

“Above the World”, from The Brothers Grimm (2000)

The Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys (2004)

O Brethil linden – The Hobbit Suite (2005)


Varying Shades of Gray   (1991); clarinet and piano

Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano  (1989);
I.  Romance

II.  Capriccio

Circus Duo  (1994); Saxophone duet
I.  The Elephants
II.  Fortune Teller

III.  Epitaph for a Clown

Introduction and Acquaintance  (1995); String Quartet

The Beauty  (1995): song cycle
I.  The Beauty
II.  The Young Boy and the Fair
III.  The Noise of this City

IV. Turning Back

Mist On the Lake (2003); string trio


Sonata  (1987)

Minuet  (1987)

Journeys of Sea  (1988)

Toccata  (1989)

Three Miniatures for Piano  (1992)

I.  Tribal Chant
II. Interlude



Plant Your Seed  (1990)w/Brad Davidge(Dissonance)

There and Back Again (2003) Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus

“Far Over the Misty Mountains” from The Hobbit

The Brothers Grimm (2004) Canadian Opera Company


Good Gods (1986)
Help Me Catch the Butterfly (1987)
When the Wolf Cries (1988)
The Road To Camry (1988)
Joe and Mary Had a Baby (1992)
Unto the Earth:  Vignettes of a War  (1993)
Shanawdithit (1995)
Sweetheart: The Mary Pickford Story(1998)
The Brothers Grimm (2001)
The Hobbit (2002)
Isis and the Seven Scorpions (2003)
The Vinland Traveller      (2004)
Pandora’s Locker (2006)
A Creature of Habit (2008)
The Bremen Town Musicians (2008)
A Creature of Habit (2009)
Baby Kintyre (2009)
The Secret World of OG (2009)
The Mummers’ Masque (2009)