Le Nez de la Sorcière (2011)

Opera in 1 Act

Libretto by Mélanie Léger

2 Men/4 Women, Piano (optional percussion)

Premiered by Memorial University of Newfoundland Opera Roadshow, Newfoundland and Labrador, May, 2011


Following on the success of 2006’s The Vinland Traveler, Memorial University’s OperaRoadshow commissioned Burry to write another touring opera.  Dr. Caroline Schiller had identified the need for more French-language touring opera and engaged award-winning Acadian playwright Mélanie Léger to create the libretto which tells the story of a scorned sorceress and lovers cursed to remain apart.  The fairy tale is inspired by the stories of Newfoundland’s own French tradition and has received a number of remounts since the premiere.