Angela and Her Sisters (2010)

Opera for young people in 1 Act (libretto by Katherine Twaddle)
4 women (S,S,Ms,Ms)

Commissioned and premiered by University of Manitoba, May 2010 

  Angela and Her Sisters is an opera for young people written in collaboration with librettist Katherine Twaddle.  Twaddle had previously produced The Brothers Grimm at the University of Manitoba's Opera School Tour.  Finding herself without any men for the upcoming season, the university commissioned the team to write an opera with an all-female cast.  

  Inspired by the Italian fairy tale Giricoccola by Italo Calvino, the opera tells the story of a sweet girl who is wickedly teased by her stepsisters.  She eventually is recused by the Moon, but finds her new home no better than the first.  Finally her search leads he to a lonely princess who becomes a true friend.